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Required Documentation See below See below
Timing 14 days/td>
DNS Service FREE for life FREE for life
URL Redirect FREE for life FREE for life
Min/Max years 2/10
NS Verification No No
Local Presence See below See below
Restrictions See below See below

General info about .hu Domains

  • .hu domain names can only contain letters A-Z (case insensitive), digits 0-9 and hyphens (-);
  • Hyphens cannot be the first or last character; you cannot put 2 consecutives hiphens (--);
  • .hu domain must have minimum 3 and maximum 64 characters (extension excluded);
  • .hu domain must not include spaces;

Required Documentation for .hu domains

After receiving the order and payment, our staff will send you the registration form of the domain to be filled in, signed and returned.

Registration times for .hu domains

Maximum 14 working days after receiving documentation.

Free DNS management for .hu domains

Full control to manage the DNS records of the associated domains. DNS servers are globally distributed with a highly redundant structure. you can edit SOA, A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, and NS records.

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Free Url Redirect for .hu domains

Visitors who will type the domain name will be redirected to another web space / URL. URL redirects are of two types:

  1. Forwarding URLs : Redirects the domain name to another web address; in the address bar the destination address will be shown;
  2. Alias: Makes the domain name point to a hosting plan already purchased on; the address bar will continue to show the domain name
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Maximum period of registration for .hu domains

.hu domains can be registered for minimum 1 year and maximum 10 years and, of course, always be renewed by the owner.

Maximum number of .hu domains registered per owner

No limits.

NS check for .hu domains

It is not needed to set Nameservers before registering the domain.
Nameservers must be between 2 and 13; it's not necessary for Nameservers to reside in different subnets. If you don't insert the Nameservers in the Profile, during the Registration Process, the Ormag ones will be used. You will be able to change them anytime.

Local Presence for .hu domains

Local presence is required for the Administrative contact (Admin-C) in Hungary or in one of the European Union countries.

  • If the holder is a European (non-Hungarian) subject, Ormag offers the Admin-C domiciliation service included in the price.
  • On the other hand, if the owner of the domain is called an extra EU subject, you can purchase the 'Domiciliazione .hu service for extra UE' demonstrating that the domain name matches your name or the name of your company or a registered trademark of ownership. Otherwise the Local Presence service for .hu domains can only be used to make a Redirect URL of the domain to an existing site without being able to use DNS and mail.
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Ormag reserves the right to accept or decline the domain registration,

Restrictions about .hu domains

See 'Local Presence for .HU Domains'.

.hu domain transfer

For info about .hu domain transfer, please contact us.

Restore .hu domains

For information about .hu restore, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: none of our contracts is automatically or tacitly renewed. Two months before the expiration date, you will be contacted by Ormag by e-mail and will be able to decide on the renewal of the expiring services.